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How Can You Help?
We like to call them the Big 3.

As an organization committed to individualized care, volunteers are crucial to our ability to focus on the individual.  Funding provides staff to client services in ratios of 1 to 4 or 1 to 8.  If all 4 or 8 individuals don’t want to do the same thing, we can’t be as individualized as we want to!

Spread the word and talk about us in the community!  Encourage people to come in and take a tour and see firsthand all of the great work that we are doing every day.

Governmental funding only covers the basics.  Your support allows the extras that lead to a better quality of life as well has having updated facilities to ensure that the space we are providing services in is reflective of the level of care we are providing.

For more information please call 920-743-7943 and ask to speak with Marsha.  Or you can email them at: